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Klaus H. Kober works together with his network of qualified partners to meet special requirements. This enables complexity, experiences, and insider knowledge to be exchanged and bundled in a meaningful manner. All contacts of Klaus H. Kober Management Consulting can reap the benefits of a personal, high-caliber network covering a range of health and policy-related areas. Links to a few selected partners:

HKS Group

The HKS GROUP is an association of three experienced entrepreneurs who are very well connected in the medical and pharmaceutical sector as well as on the investor side - nationally and internationally. After several years of working together on a case-by-case basis, they decided to intensify their cooperation and now offer a uniform service package. The specialists place the highest value on personal and success-oriented cooperation with the client and offer their experienced, tailor-made support where it generates the greatest leverage for companies seeking financing.

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PrimSEO is a full-service agency offering SEO/content marketing, reputation management, and Web development. It specializes in medical marketing. Specialists from the fields of journalism, SEO technology, content management, programming, layout, and social media have joined forces to achieve the best possible results for you.


Healthcare Shapers

Specializing in the healthcare industry since 2013. Based on the conviction that healthcare systems can only function in the long term if they focus on patients and their needs. The network was founded at the European Business School in the Rheingau region of Germany. Now numbering more than 50 active partners, it is one of the largest consulting networks in the German healthcare industry. It currently includes over 350 associated experts worldwide.


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OptiMedis AG

OptiMedis AG is a health science-oriented management business specializing in the setting up and operation of innovative healthcare systems. In cooperation with service providers and health insurance funds, it develops bespoke solutions for an integrated (comprehensive) provision of healthcare for whole populations. To achieve this, it relies on close networking, prevention, and performance-based remuneration. It is an associate of Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH und der Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn UG (limited liability).

In addition, OptiMedis AG analyzes data from health insurance funds as well as from other sources, and processes it in accordance with data protection legislation – for its own healthcare networks, as well as for universities, health insurance funds, physicians' networks, and hospitals, or municipalities and administrative districts. At its Digital & Health Innovation Centre, which was founded in 2017, it tests the benefits and acceptance of innovations in real-life healthcare scenarios, and develops models for implementation.


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