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Pictures from a selection of events
with Klaus H. Kober as the moderator or speaker

Health Policy Roundtable in Berlin

September 2019

Klaus H. Kober moderated a health policy roundtable in the Paul Löbe Haus with the chairman of the Health Committee and members of the Healthcare Shapers. The most important topics were the shaping of the digital change in the healthcare industry, the precarious situation of reference price pharmaceuticals and the unsatisfactory situation regarding the reimbursement of innovations in the pharmaceutical sector.

Klaus H. Kober moderiert gesundheitspolitischen Roundtable

From left to right: Prof. Dr. em. Rainer Moosdorf, Klaus H. Kober, Dr. Rolf Koschorrek, Erwin Rüddel MdB Chairman of the Health Committee in the German Bundestag, Dr. Ursula Kramer and Dr. Issame Outaleb

The future of the hospitals

May 2017

120 visitors came together in Bürgerhaus Bühl to find out first hand about the future provision of hospital services for the population of central Baden. Klaus H. Kober moderated the event.

Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung
Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung
Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung

Panel participants, from left to right: Andreas Vogt, head of the TK office for Baden-Württemberg, Jürgen Jung, managing director of Klinikum Mittelbaden, Lothar Riebsamen, Bundestag politician and CDU/CSU spokesman on hospital policy, Kai Whittaker, member of the Bundestag and host.

SME forum in Kaiserslautern

October 2016

Germany as a research location – can small and medium-sized enterprises keep up?
The forum focused on the policy framework for research in small and medium-sized companies. Research and healthcare industry experts debated the issues with Prof. Dr. Helge Braun, Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery. Klaus H. Kober moderated the forum, which was organized by MIT.

Klaus H. Kober Bildergalerie
Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung
Klaus H. Kober | Moderator & Speaker

List of speakers at the forum: Prof. Dr. Helge Braun, physician and Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery, Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Kaiserslautern, Michael Föhlings, TRON GmbH, Mainz, Peter-Carsten Kilian, Medice Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG, Iserlohn, Dr. Dirk Hüttenberger, Apocare Pharma GmbH, Bielefeld, Roland Weber, DEBEKA, Koblenz, Michael Littig, Teckpro AG, Kaiserslautern, Gereon Haumann, regional chairman of MIT in Rhineland-Palatinate; chairman of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Prof. Dr. Ralf Korn, Faculty of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Link, Westpfalz-Klinikum in Kaiserslautern, Christiane Ank-Kunze, Sanitätshaus und Orthopädietechnik GmbH.

The exclusive group of speakers from the worlds of science, business, and politics took part in a passionate debate on the opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in rural regions. Key topics included digital and transport infrastructure.

Health summit in Mainz

March 2016

Participants from the world of politics and the healthcare industry met up with the Federal Minister for Health, Hermann Gröhe, at the Kurfürstliches Schloss (palace) in Mainz to discuss "Rethinking Health". Klaus H. Kober moderated the event.

Klaus H. Kober | Moderator & Speaker
Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung
Klaus H. Kober Managementberatung

Participants in the panel discussion: Hermann Gröhe, Federal Minister for Health, Anneliese Bodemar, head of the TK office for Rhineland-Palatinate. Not pictured: Dr. Andreas Kiefer, chairman of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists (BAK), Dr. med. Fred-Holger Ludwig, mayor of Bergzabern, and Wolfgang Kast, team leader for civil health protection and emergency services in the General Secretariat of the German Red Cross (DRK).

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