The HKS GROUP is an association of three experienced entrepreneurs who are very well connected in the medical and pharmaceutical sector as well as on the investor side - nationally and internationally. After several years of working together on a case-by-case basis, they decided to intensify their cooperation and now offer a uniform service package as the HKS GROUP.

Specialised in the needs of companies from the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

We do not work as a classic consulting company, instead we place the highest value on personal and success-oriented cooperation with the client.

By success-orientation we understand the short-, medium- and long-term achievement of the client's goals, without any ifs
and buts. For this we can draw on our many years of experience - both nationally and internationally - in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, and in the large, very heterogeneous field of specialised investors and investment firms at home and abroad.

By specialising in companies from the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, we focus on an industry segment that is facing major challenges, particularly in Europe. As entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers they need to focus on scientific research and development- and this in a highly competitive environment - and it is not easy for them to access the diverse financing options. This is especially
true for young companies that are still in the research and/or approval phase.

In this challenging situation the partners of the HKS Group offer their experience and customised support where it generates the greatest leverage for companies seeking financing.

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