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Policy Affairs for the Leaders in the Healthcare Industry

Securely control the company's policy objectives and processes

Increasingly complex issues continue to require more and more expert know-how and entrepreneurial support. As an individual who has to make decisions, you rely more and more on knowledge transfer and intensive support from experts to securely control your company's political objectives and processes. In the newly developed coaching and seminars for leadership, Klaus H. Kober shows how professional policy affairs management works and how it can be developed in a sustainable manner. He specializes in consulting for policy management. He works in the networks of politics, the media, research, and the society. He is familiar with the parties, factions, committees, and expert commissions.

Klaus H. Kober, a modern policy consultant, will provide you with interesting, transparent, proactive information about how the political arena works and how you can represent and successfully implement your interests, whether on the municipal, national, European, or global level.

What you will receive:

  • You will benefit from professional first-hand experience!
  • You will be able to shed light onto the "thick of healthcare policy"
  • You will gain insights into lobbying work - in practice for the practice
  • You will gain a better understanding of healthcare policy correlations
  • You will proactively develop and implement a clear political communication strategy
  • You will successfully integrate political work into your company's strategy
  • You will become familiar with and learn how to use important organizations and players as well as their taks, interests, and modes of operation

The new coaching sessions and seminars are designed for individuals, pairs, or groups.

Many dates and locations are available. Choose based on content, focus, and time constraints:

Coaching sessions & seminars on policy affairs

These are designed for decision-makers in companies, health insurance funds, associations, scientific institutions, communication agencies, and start-ups.

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